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About Server Status Checker

The Server Status Checker Tool is an SEO Tool that is offered for free. It enables you to determine the current status of a website, indicating if it is online or offline. Additionally, it allows you to determine if the website is only down for you or if it is inaccessible to everyone worldwide.

5 Best Server Status Checkers for Monitoring Your Website

Some of the best Server Status Checkers for Monitoring Your Website follows:


Uptrends offers a comprehensive server status checker that provides real-time monitoring of your website's availability and performance. With customizable alerts and detailed reports, you can easily identify and resolve any server-related issues quickly.


Pingdom is a well-known server monitoring tool that allows you to check your server status from multiple locations worldwide. It offers easy-to-read reports, uptime percentage calculations, and alerts via email or SMS whenever your server goes down.


Site24x7 is a powerful server monitoring solution that provides you with in-depth monitoring of your website and servers. With its intuitive interface and proactive monitoring capabilities, you can detect server failures, track performance, and receive instant alerts via multiple channels.


StatusCake is a popular Server Status Checker that offers a range of features to monitor your website's uptime. With its global network of monitoring stations, you can track your server's availability from various locations. It also provides downtime reports and alerts via email, SMS, or instant messaging apps.

New Relic

New Relic is not just a Server Status Checker but a comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool. It monitors your server status, application performance, and user experience, providing deep insights into your website's performance. With real-time alerts and intelligent analytics, you can proactively resolve any server issues before they affect your users.

These server status checkers are vital tools for monitoring the availability and performance of your website. Choose the one that suits your needs the best and ensure seamless website performance for your users.