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Get Source Code of Webpage If you've ever been curious about how websites are built, you may have wondered how to access the source code of a webpage. Luckily, peeking under the hood of a website is not as complex as it may seem.

Get Source Code of Webpage: A Quick Guide

Here we'll show you three simple methods to get source code of any webpage:

Using the Browser's Developer Tools

Most modern web browsers come with built-in developer tools that allow you to inspect and access a webpage's source code. Here's how you can do it:

Open the webpage in your preferred browser.

Simply click with the right button of your mouse on any area of the webpage.
From the options that appear, you can either select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element."
The browser's developer tools will open, displaying a range of options and panels.
Click on the "Elements" or "Sources" tab to view the HTML structure or source code of the webpage.
You can expand and collapse sections to explore the different elements of the webpage.
Viewing Page Source: To Get Source Code of Webpage

Another straightforward method for obtaining the code source of webpage is by accessing the option provided directly within your browser's context menu. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the webpage in your browser.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page.

Which will open a new tab displaying the HTML source code of the webpage.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

To Get Source Code of Webpage
If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts rather than menus, you can easily access a website's source code using

specific shortcut combinations:

For Windows/Linux users:

Press Ctrl + U simultaneously to open a new tab displaying the page source.
For Mac users: Press Command + Option + U together to open the page source in a new tab.

Now that you know three simple ways to get source code for any webpage, you can explore how websites are structured and even learn more about web development. So go ahead, dive into the world of web development, and uncover the mysteries behind your favorite websites!