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About the word count tool:

As long as the number of words in the article or page is very important, the search engines search for the number of words per page to get an impression of this page, and the evaluation of the number of words is bad if it is less than two hundred and fifty words per page, so when you write the page, you must take into account the minimum pages. We provide you with A free word count tool on the Divray website, so that you can check the level of satisfaction with the words you type and the impression of search browsers about your page. It contains some great features, as it can count words on its own, automatically and very quickly, in addition to providing many tools that benefit the writer during Writing with a box is optimized for browser fonts.


Divray word counter features:

Ease of use It is easy to use. Anyone can deal with this tool to automatically count and understand words, as it gives an appropriate impression to our visitors.

The possibility of editing: You can edit the text and modify it while the tool counts the words as if you were using the Word word processor program. Your blog or article is easy and convenient. We have developed this tool because some sites lack it, so we made sure that it is as desired by the writers. It was developed by experts, specialists, and employees of the Divry site. We hope that you will like it.


It is also worth noting that this tool contains exclusive optimizations that are not found on any other site.

You can benefit from the rest of the tools to improve the SEO of your sites. We have many exclusive tools to improve SEO, which are available through the Divray website, 100% free.