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What is the color picker:
The color picker is used by:
1 We first click on the cursor and then drag it into the selector area to highlight the colors on the right side.
2 We enter each of the Hex, RGB, HSL or CMYK values.
3 Then we search for a specific color within the fields below the color incubator.
4 Then you click on the swatch to add it to your board.
After you select a color, experiment with different harmonies. The drop-down menu at the bottom of the color picker can help you choose the most harmonious colors.

What is color harmony:
Color harmonies are the combination of two or more colours, and we can specifically refer to this as a group of closely related colors that make a blended mixture of a new color with new properties, and it is derived from the constituent colors of the mixture of the color also called color chords, it is useful only when Possible colors are found to form the color palette and can be used as a standalone color scheme as well.

What are complementary colors:
Complementary colors are defined as those colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. This type of color is characterized by high contrast and can also be considered as a distinctive color when combined with another, more neutral palette.

What are tricolors:
Triads are usually composed of three colors equal to each other, such as those described as complementary, and tertiary schemes are also more inclined to brightness and high contrast more appropriately, especially when one color is dominant.

What are the corresponding colours?
Symmetrical colors are among the most common colors in use, especially in web designs, and they are created by choosing colors that are adjacent to each other in the color wheel, which consists of 60 colors, and one of the advantages when combined or paired with a complementary color for contrast is that it gives a wonderful and distinctive diversity.

What are tetradic colours?
When you mix four colors from two complementary color groups that are 60 degrees apart on the color wheel, you'll get a stunning quadruple harmony and a beautifully crafted color.
Tetradic is definitely the best starting point for creating and refining color palettes with the harmonious, attractive shade or colors that are appropriate for your site or image.
You can enjoy using this amazing tool provided by divray which is completely free of charge.