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Alexa Rank Checker:

Alexa keeps its place among the websites that determine the rank of your site and the sites that compete with you, with this free tool you will be able to instantly find the rank of any site that has been created on the Internet. Alexa ranking is important to you because you want to know the progress of your site and the competing sites for you so that you can study your competitors and overcome them.

We use Alexa technology, which is provided by You can obtain information about the popularity of your site and the number of visitors who visit your site daily. Alexa depends primarily on the number of visitors to your site and the number of posts by visitors. The results are calculated based on the past three months, which is an effective measure It is very useful especially to know your site's ranking compared to other sites.

How do you use Alexa:

All you have to do is put the domain for your field of work, whether it is a page or a website, for Alexa to calculate the results very quickly. You must continue to check your ranking on Alexa constantly so that you can know the progress or decline of traffic and visitors on your site. better.

Things that Alexa bases on in its results:

Alexa depends on the classification of websites on the nature of the work or the service provided, as it shows you competitors based on this metric. You are interested in the field of work that you do and also interested in classifying competitors, so know your competitors first so that you can overcome them and reach the top. You are competing with one billion and seven million websites on the Internet so make sure you are always on top.